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Pride, The Greatest Enemy of Favor


31-Day Daily Devotional on FAVOR

May 19, 2017


Pride, The Greatest Enemy of Favor

(Proverbs 15:33 NKJV) “The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, And before honor is humility. ” .

God is always looking for an opportunity to bless His people with favor. However, pride shuts down the door of favor quicker than anything. Pride results in the withdrawal of God’s favor.

The devil, once known as Lucifer, an archangel of God built to produce music, lost favor with God all because of pride. In fact, Hell was created to reward pride.

Lucifer had so much beauty when he was in favor with God. He lost his beauty, elegance, authority and was brought so low because he yielded to pride. Pride literally destroyed him. He lost everything!

Don’t join the devil in pride. Humble yourself before the authority of heaven. Honor the authority of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Make God and His Word the final authority in your life. Don’t exalt yourself beyond your divine placement.

Respect the authority of God and the people that heaven has placed over you. Give humility its place and you will be honored with favor in due season.


I have favor with God and men. My ways please the Lord and He makes my enemies to be at peace with me. The Lord is always with me and He gives me favor before people in high places. I have a good heritage. I am blessed because I am in right standing with God. I am surrounded with a shield of God’s favor.

I have chosen the Lord and He causes situations to align for my good. The hearts of the king are in the hands of the Lord and as rivers of waters, He directs them in my favor. I have audience with the kings and princes of this world because I am favored by the King of kings.

I am empowered by the grace of God to live a victorious life over sin, sicknesses and poverty. I have not received the grace of God in vain. I do not indulge in sin because of God’s grace. Rather, I bring forth good works to glorify God on earth. I am accepted in the beloved and there is no condemnation unto me.

My words, attitudes and conducts bring favor to me at all times. God is able to make me overflow in all grace. I have divine grace for the different aspects of my life. The grace of God is my sufficiency in all things. I have received the gift of God’s grace and by this grace I excel in all aspects of my life.

Lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places. My talents and skills find great expression in life because I am endowed with the grace of God. I conduct myself honorably at all times and favor naturally comes to me.

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