Supernatural Healing

I had a medical condition since 2011 – my menstrual circle would seize for months and this continued till 2016. I saw many doctors but after several treatments nothing changed; so when it started again in January 2017, I was almost not bothered because it had become normal.


I attended March Crossover service and was prayed for. Also, during a KTI (Kingsword Training Institute) class in April, my Pastor taught on faith and towards the end of the service he began prophesying. I lifted my hands, prayed and received the prophecies. To the Glory of God my menstrual circle was regulated right there in the service.


Sister Tomison

God’s Goodness

I joined KingsWord Igando in November 2016. My situation was critical in every sense – for 12yrs I had not been able to pay for an apartment of my own; instead, I had been squatting with different friends. I was also jobless and my financial state was below zero. But as I continually attended church services, with encouragement, prayers and inspiration from God’s Word, a new dawn broke for me in January 2017.


Today, that 12years’ siege has been broken. I now live in a flat, my financial status has turned around and my future is brighter than ever. There is a special grace that turns nothingness into something at KingsWord. This grace has enabled me taste God’s goodness in my life.

Mr Martins