Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible

(Acts 6:10 NKJV)

And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke.

The ministry of the apostles as recorded in the Acts of Apostles was not just similar to Jesus in terms of the miracles they performed. Just like their Master, the apostles had a testimony of divine wisdom. They were irresistible because of the wisdom of God that was at work in them. The religious leaders of their days were surprised and shocked to the bone; they felt that the move of God should have stopped after the crucifixion of Jesus.

Unknown to them, the same Holy Spirit that anointed Jesus in River Jordan came upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit lives within every New Testament believer. A major part of His mission is to prepare believers for anything this present world might bring against them. Hence, you are constantly delivered from the evil of this world because you have the spirit of wisdom.

You cannot be defeated in life because you have the package of the wisdom of God. The principal thing in life is divine wisdom and it is placed within you by the Holy Spirit. Get out there and win. You are irresistible! Believe in the ability of the One inside of you. You have the wisdom for living; nothing can stop you!

Acts 6


I have a strong foundation of wisdom for every aspect of my life. I do not live by the natural wisdom of this world, but I do operate by the divine wisdom of God. Christ, the wisdom of God, lives within me; I know the deep secrets of God. I walk with the wise, so I cannot be destroyed.

Evil communications do not proceed out of my mouth, but that which is good for the building up of others. My mouth is a well of life and wisdom flows out of it continually. My faith is not built on the wisdom of this world but on the power of God. I function in life by the wisdom that the Holy Spirit teaches.

I am very discerning of spiritual things because the wisdom of God is at work in me. I pay attention to the word of God, which is able to make me wise unto health, protection, deliverance and all-round soundness. I search the Scriptures daily and I always receive revelations and wisdom for a victorious living.

The devil cannot comprehend my life because I am founded on the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God works all things out for my good. My life is advancing because I am increasing in divine wisdom. The secrets of God for my life are revealed unto me. The eyes of my understanding are enlightened because I have the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

I have access to the hidden wisdom that God has ordained for my glory. I love correction and reproof. I am open to wise counsel and my destiny is protected from destruction. I maintain a teachable spirit and adhere to godly instructions. I have the mind of Christ and I reign in life by the supernatural wisdom that comes from above.